We’re experts in the market, so we’ll be able to find deals that suit your business’s needs.

We’ll make it easy for you to switch by advising you on the best course of action when it comes to terminating any existing contracts.

We have access to exclusive Mobile phone, Landline and broadband offers to ensure we’re getting our customers some of the best deals available.



 What we do

If you’re looking for hassle free business savings across some of your most commonly used services, we’re the go-to company. Our team hunts down the best deals to save you money on your business energy and communications requirements.

In effect, switch&Save acts as a kind of buying group, with the buying power, time and knowledge to get lower rates across a wide range of services. This means that small businesses signing up with us can access the kind of low prices normally only enjoyed by huge businesses and corporations, which usually have the power and the time needed to effectively negotiate business savings.

We’ve got an extensive network of contacts in the industry, and we work with some of the UK’s leading providers of business energy and Communications, and as a result, we have access to preferential rates - which we pass on to small businesses like you. See how much you could save your business.

A lot of businesses get caught out by the limited timeframes that will occur due to contracts automatically expiring and renewing - which is why Project Lower has put processes in place to catch these opportunities. Of course, a lot of businesses are also put off switching by how time-consuming and troublesome it can be -but switch&Save  takes care of it all for you. In short, we make saving businesses money as efficient and hassle free as possible.

So, now you know what we do, find out more about how the process works... Please call one of our Business Manager.

We Will Meet You Face to Face.

We constantly measure our performance to make sure you experience a friendly, knowledgeable, responsive service every time.

We continuously speak to companies who feel undervalued and frustrated by the multi-national mobile phone network organisations. They do not receive any true account management and are left on long-term tariff agreements that are unsuitable to their current business needs.

Conversely, we pride ourselves in maintaining regular contact with all of our clients. Our customer service commitment is tailored to match each individual requirement and is measured against network and our own stringent KPIs, ensuring the service promises we make are the service promises we keep

We are dealing with two types of products Distribution of electricity/ Gas and Wireless telecommunications activities

  • Distribution of electricity and Gas: Supplying energy to business properties across the UK involves three key elements:
  • 1- Business Telecommunication resaller
  • 2- Business Internet and landline specialist.
  • 4- Business water Broker
  • 3- Business Energy Broker with the best supplier of UK

Switch&Save deal in the supply of energy after energy is bought by the suppliers “we being consultants suggest business decision makers choose the best supplier according to their business in terms of cost and usage for less wastage of energy and money”.

switch & Save Ltd